Friday, March 2, 2012

The Lorax opens today!

Enjoy the show!!!

Don't forget to speak for the trees...

"The land of the longleaf pine is a land of great beauty... swaggering over the Coastal Plain from southeastern Virginia to eastern Texas...Yet little is left of the longleaf pine ecosystem today: only 1.4% of the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains still support longleaf, compared to 60% in presettlement times.  By 1996 only 2.95 million acres of longleaf remained out of the original 92 million acres ... Almost all of the old-growth forest is gone ... By any measure, longleaf's decline of nearly 98% is among the most severe of any  ecosystem on earth.  It dwarf's the Amazon rain forest's losses of somewhere between 13% and 25%.  It is comparable to or exceeds the decline in the North American tallgrass prairie, the coastal forest of Brazil, and the dry forests of the Pacific Coast of Central America." 

-from Looking for Longleaf: The Fall and Rise of an American Forest by Lawrence S. Earley

See what the U.S. Forest Service is doing to restore this amazing ecosystem:

Restoring Longleaf Pine
Research news

Sunset in the longleaf pine forest at Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge