Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wiregrass planted!

We planted our final species in the common gardens this past week!  We now have 3 grasses (Sorghastrum elliottii, Schizachyrium scoparium, and Aristida beyrichiana/stricta), 2 composites (Pityopsis graminifolia/aspera and Solidago odora), and 2 legumes (Tephrosia virginiana and Lespedeza capitata).  

 Wiregrass plug trays lined up and getting rained on at SREC. 

Cold, wet, and dreary pretty much sums up last week for me.  Perfect conditions for our wiregrass seedlings, but only just tolerable for a southerner like myself.  Soil conditions at all 3 of our gardens were moist and cool.  We were drizzled on from time to time, but thankfully the predicted ice pellets never materialized.  Thank you TJ, Joan, Kate, Eric, and Shawna for all the help this past week!  

Kate and Eric carefully planting wiregrass plugs at SREC.

Planted wiregrass at PDREC.

A close-up of planted wiregrass plugs at PDREC.

Planted wiregrass at CREC.

A close-up of a wiregrass plug planted at CREC.

And this is what approximately 6 hours of planting looks like in a minute and a half...